Any need to uninstall, before installing new version?


I’m just getting ready to install the 7.3.1-RC2 all deb, on my deb9 64bit partition.
I wondered if some kind of uninstall, might be required first.

I searched around some, and thought I found an answer from
this github page , but the ‘Linux’ section is empty! :scream:

Just thinking of bug fixs, over-sized gui…things I’d like to go away!



@stanz The installer should replace the files on installation. In case it fails, you can always uninstall it manually

sudo apt remove tribler

There are no breaking changes in the latest RC2 release so everything should be smooth.
Just incase, you can backup your state directory (~/.Tribler) then you can always go back to previous version by replacing this directory.


Thanks @sandip ,
I didn’t want to apt remove, till I heard back…I’ll be cautious to watch that those ‘other important’ pkgs, don’t get removed!
You know it’s the gui window size I’m most concerned with.
And I can easily upgrade to Deb10 - if that might help!?
I don’t mind testing anyway…it be nice to have tribler in my distro.


I skipped the ‘apt remove’ & backed-up /.Tribler.
Got surprised to see some uninstalling happening, but in the
end, all went well.

Uninstalling pony-0.7.9:
Successfully uninstalled pony-0.7.9
Uninstalling lz4-2.2.1:
Successfully uninstalled lz4-2.2.1
Uninstalling wheel-0.33.6:
Successfully uninstalled wheel-0.33.6
Unpacking tribler (7.3.1-RC2) over (7.3.0) …

Found existing installation: wheel 0.29.0
Not uninstalling wheel at /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages, outside environment /usr
Successfully installed wheel-0.33.6
Collecting pony==0.7.9
Installing collected packages: pony
Successfully installed pony-0.7.9
Collecting lz4
Requirement already up-to-date: future in /root/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages (from lz4)
Installing collected packages: lz4
Successfully installed lz4-2.2.1

Yep, no change to gui window, but I’ll keep tweaking the config.