A more industry standard gui please, and how do you get it working


been using torrents for well over a decade, and think you should have adopted the layout from utorrent, or qbtorrent. etc. More functionality, rather than design. Sorry gui develeopers!

I have previously tried the first version of Tribler, the fourth version, and version 7.2.1. They all had the same issue, in that little if anything came down-slow. Nothing went up. At best few sources. I also have selected ‘unlimited seeding’ and nada,

First you will have to get it working well, and be usable. This will encourage people to take it up, and only then you should consider financial sharing rewards.


@4rf Thank you for your honest feedback. We agree to most of the points you raised. To let you know we are doing a big refactor in GUI and channels set to be release in Tribler 7.3 which has much better performance and usability compared to current 7.2.x version. We’d like to ask you to stay tuned.


Oh, thanks for the info …

Waiting for 7.3 version now :slight_smile: